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Mobile Applications: For Fun

There's more than one app for that! This guide explores some of the more popular and useful apps for law students.

For Fun Apps


Name: Fooducate

Device: Apple and Android

Summary:  A useful app that makes for an excellent grocery shopping companion.  Search for foods or scan barcodes and find the corresponding rating to guide your shopping and nutrition decisions. 

i Heart Radio

Name:  i Heart Radio

Device:  Apple and Android

Summary:  Listen to your favorite radio stations or create your own.

My Fitness Pal

Name:  My Fitness Pal

Device:  Apple and Android

Summary:  Sign up for this free service and download the app to help keep track of calories, exercise and water intake. 

Sleep Machine Lite

Name:  Sleep Machine Lite

Device:  iPad and iPhone

Summary:  Having trouble sleeping?  Try this free sound machine app and see if it works for you.


Name:  Trulia

Device:  Apple and Android

Summary:  Whether you're looking for a house or just like to pretend you're on an episode of House Hunters, this free app is worth a look.


Name:  Urbanspoon

Device:  Apple and Android

Summary:  Looking for a great restaurant?  Try out this free app to find places to eat around your current location. 


Name:  Waze

Device:  Apple and Android

Summary:  An excellent community based navigation and traffic app. 


Name:  Wegmans

Device:  Apple and Android

Summary:  If you love Wegmans and like to be organized when grocery shopping, you may enjoy this handy free app.