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Widener Law Commonwealth Faculty and Adjunct Guide

This guide is specific to resources available on the Harrisburg campus.


Widener University's online catalog, accessible through the Internet, includes the library collections of the Legal Information Centers on both the Harrisburg and Wilmington campuses, as well as the Wolfgram Memorial Library on the Chester campus.

The online catalog is key to determining what resources are available in the library collections at all Widener University campuses and precisely where they are located.

Circulation Policies

Faculty have full borrowing rights to the collection, whether the item is housed in Harrisburg or Wilmington.  Material located in the stacks circulates for one year or one semester, depending on whether it is multi-volume or supplemented.  Bound law reviews circulate for one semester.  Material located in the reserve location circulates for one week.

If you choose to keep material in your office for an extended period of time (past the one year / one semester circulation), please contact a librarian.  They will then make the appropriate changes in the catalog to reflect these changes.

Materials may be renewed, but non-circulating items should be checked out with the thought of immediate return.

Search the Catalog of all Widener University Libraries

Finding Books in the Library

Materials in the Widener University Libraries are classed according to the Library of Congress classification schedule.  You may perform a subject, author, or title search in the online library catalog ( to find materials in the Widener libraries.

You can also perform a keyword search.  A keyword search is a broader search and you will likely receive more hits than if you performed a subject specific search.

Need a book that you can't find in our library?  Check Worldcat to see if any other libraries in your area may have the book in its collection.


How to Use:

The default search will perform a keyword search. Just type your keywords in the search box and the catalog will find everything that has those words anywhere in the title or description of the item. Use the tabs to do and advanced search, search by title, or author. You can also search by call number, ISBN, and other identifying numbers.

Call Number:

Each item in the library has a call number, location, and status.  Please note these 3 things in your search results. The call number, in conjunction with the location tells you where and on which campus the item is located. The 3 campus locations are: Delaware (D), Harrisburg (H) and Wolfgram (M) for Main campus (Chester).  These library locations are further refined by internal locations such as Reference, Treatises, Stacks, Open Reserve, Closed Reserve, Microform, etc.


When the item you want appears in the list on the screen, click on the title. If the status is "check shelves," the item should be on the shelf.