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Bar Exam & MPRE Resource Guide

This guide will provide resources to help you prepare to take the bar exam and MPRE.

Helpful Websites

·  Preparing for the MBE - overview of the MBE, with suggested study aids and links to sample questions.

·  Delaware Board of Bar Examiners

·  Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners

·  New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners

·  NCBE Study Aids - this will help you find study aids for the MRRE, MBE, MEE, & MPT. It also has sample test questions and answers.

Bar Related Podcasts

Bar Exam Toolbox Podcast: "If you’re taking the bar exam, or work with people who are, the Bar Exam Toolbox podcast is for you! Tune in for advice on all aspects of the exam, from writing a passing essay to surviving bar prep with your sanity intact."

The Extra Mile Podcast for Bar Exam Takers: "A Podcast for Bar Exam Takers from Jackson Mumey, Owner of Celebration Bar Review. We'll look at tips, techniques and ways to improve your bar exam scores plus interview successful bar exam takers for their insights."

Bar Prep Apps

 BARBRI - free - iOS & Android
 Whether you’re getting ready for your first year final exams, the MPRE or your bar exam, our proven outlines, lectures and practice questions ensure that you perform your best. 
 Please note that you must be enrolled in a Barbri prep course in order to have access to bar review outlines and practice     exams.


 BarMax Exam and MPRE Review - free - iOS
 Harvard lawyers teamed with top iPad developers to produce BarMax, the only complete bar exam prep course available in the App Store. Plus, it is the only course that only uses real MBE questions from previous bar exams. The base app is free, though additional content ranges from $20-$999. 


Cover art

Kaplan Bar Review - free- iOS & Android
The Kaplan Bar Review is the ultimate preparation solution for both the multi-state and individual state components of the Bar Exam. We offer innovative Bar review that empowers you to personalize your study strategy and tactics. Our Personalized Study Plan, Lectures-On-Demand, Ask-An-Attorney Hotline, Unlimited Essay Grading, renowned QBank, and traditional outlines & printed materials are just some of the resources that will help you master the material that you need to pass the Bar.
Please note you must be enrolled in the course to have access to this app.


Themis Bar Review - free- iOS & Android

 Themis Bar Review is the leader in online bar exam review courses. Offering a cutting-edge curriculum backed by decades of experience in bar exam preparation, Themis has revolutionized the way students prepare for their bar exams – and has the pass rates to prove it.
Please note you must be an enrolled Themis student in order ot have access to the lectures and assessment questions.


Critical Pass MBE Flashcards - free - iOS & Android

Helps you break down MBE concepts and memorize key information you need to pass the bar exam.




‚ÄčAdaptiBar - in app purchases - iOS & Android

AdaptiBar Online MBE Simulator and Prep, launched in 2003, offers the combination of 100% licensed MBE questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and patented adaptive technology that adjusts to each individual user’s studying needs. AdaptiBar continuously assesses your performance and automatically adjusts the presentation of questions to focus in on your areas of weaknesses (e.g. Negligence) without neglecting an area of strength. You will know at any given time exactly which areas you need to make improvements. 


‚ÄčMPRE Questions by BarMax -$49.99 - iOS

Developed by the same Harvard Law School alumni behind BarMax Bar Exam Review and LSATMax LSAT Prep, BarMax MPRE Questions is the largest and most affordable bank of REAL Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) questions in the App Store. 

These real MPRE questions are not only an extremely useful last minute review, but also a great way to highlight the importance of preparing with real questions.