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Bar Exam & MPRE Resource Guide

This guide will provide resources to help you prepare to take the bar exam and MPRE.

Bar Prep Class

Bar Exam Success: Strategies and Skills*  (fall and spring, 3 credits each semester)

"Jumpstart your bar exam preparation with our bar exam course, Bar Exam Success: Substance & Skills.  This graded three credit course focuses both on the substance of commonly tested MBE subjects and the skills and strategies essential to success on the bar exam, including the essay portion of the exam.  This course is not a substitute for the commercial bar review course you will take after you graduate, but it will help you make the most of whatever commercial bar review course you take."

* Required for students who complete the first two semesters with a cumulative grade point average below 3.0.

Updates to the DE Bar Exam

As of February  21, 2023, the Delaware Judiciary announces changes to the Delaware Bar Exam

  • Going forward the exam will be offered twice a year (currently it is only offered in July; starting in 2024 it will also be offered in February).
  • The “cut” or passing score for the exam will be reduced from a scale of 145 to 143. 
  • The essay portion of the exam will be reduced from eight essays to four and the number of topics that could be tested in those essays will be reduced from 14 areas of the law to 10 areas of the law.

In addition, the Supreme Court also adopted several recommended reforms to the admissions process for attorneys. Those include:

  • A modification of the clerkship requirements, reducing it from a 21- week commitment to 12 weeks. 
  • A reduction in the “checklist” of activities for candidates where potential lawyers need to sit in on certain legal proceedings from a mandatory list of 25 items to 18 out of 30 potential items. 
  • A reduction in the late application fee from $1,400 for law school graduates to $900, and from $1,600 for attorneys admitted in another jurisdiction to $1,000.

Director of Bar Pass Program

Michael S. Lofts