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Pennsylvania Legal Resources

Comprehensive list of Pennsylvania related legal resources available on the web.

Contact Information:

Statutory Law Research:

To find laws that may control your situation, you can visit a law library and consult the print versions of the federal or state laws; or, online versions of the laws can be accessed.

View the official version of the Federal Code, the United State Code online

govinfo: Other legal and government documents can be obtained from the Federal Digital System maintained by the Government Printing Office:

Online Resources Legal information and legal forms arranged by legal topic, including: child & family, health   care,  immigration, housing and employment:

Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network: Non-profit entity responsible for the planning and coordination of legal aid programs throughout Pennsylvania: Information and resources for pro bono attorneys, legal aid attorneys, public defenders and legal advocates:

ABA Home Front: Legal resources and information for veterans, members of the military, and their families.

Things to keep in mind:

Google Scholar For Legal Research:

Self-Help Legal Forms:

For other counties, forms are often located on the court's website or on the county prothonotary's website. View a list of county courts.

Case Law Research:

To find case law on a subject, there are a number of resources that can used. If you have a citation to a case already, you can go to a law library and find the case in a print reporter.  For example, the citation for Hiller v. Fausey, 904 A.2d 875 (2006) would be found in the Atlantic Second Reporter, volume 904 on page 875.

Cardiff Index to Legal Abreviations: This index contains the meaning of common legal abbreviations and is helpful in translating legal citations.

Google Scholar: This search engine can be used to find cases online, either by citation or key word searching. A video tutorial on how to use Google Scholar is available in the box to the left.