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1L Success - Resources for Succeeding in Law School

First Year Resources

The library has many books to help you through your first year of law school.  Search the library catalog to find books in addition to those listed in the column on this page.

Law School 101

Feeling lost? The following books may be useful to you as you work your way through your first year of law school. Call numbers are provided so that you can locate the books in the library.


  • 1000 Days to the Bar, But the Practice of Law Begins Now  KF 272.T66 2010
  • 1L of a Ride: A Well-Traveled Professor's Roadmap to Success in the First Year of Law School KF 287.M38 2009
  • A Law Student's Guide KF 283.M548 2010
  • A Student's Guide to Legal Analysis: Thinking Like A Lawyer KF 283.M396 2001
  • Acing Your First Year of Law School: The Ten Steps to Success You Won't Learn in Class KF 283.N69 2008
  • Asked & Answered: Your Guide to Law School Success-Advice for: Pre-Law & First Year Law Students vol. 1 KF283.G472008
  • Asked & Answered: Your Guide to Law School Success: Advice for Second-Year Law Students vol. 2 KF 283.G47 2008
  • Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School: Strategies for Success KF283.S77 2009
  • The Complete Law School Companion: How to Excel at America's Most Demanding Post-Graduate Curriculum KF 283.D4 1992
  • Examples & Explanations: Legal Writing KF 250.L398 2011 Open & Closed Reseerve
  • How to Succeed in Law School KF 283.M86 2008 Reading Like a Lawyer: Time Saving Strategies for Reading Law Like an Expert KF 283. M398 2005
  • The International Students' Survival Guide to Law School in the United States: Everything You Need to Succeed KF 283.G33 2003
  • Law School 101: How to Succeed in Your First Year of Law School and Beyond KF 283.G66 2009
  • Law School Labyrinth: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Legal Education KF283.S43 2009
  • Law School Revealed: Secrets, Opportunities, and Success! KF 283.F87 2009
  • Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success KF283.S44 2009
  • Learning Law: The Mastery of Legal Logic Kf 283.M37 1993
  • Learning the Law: How to Succeed in Law School - And Beyond KF 283.F73 1997
  • Slaying the Law School Dragon: How to Survive-and Thrive- In First-Year Law School KF 283.R68 1991
  • What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know: An Introduction to the Study of Law KF283.G46 2009