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Search the Catalog of all Widener University Libraries

Finding Books in the Library

Materials in the Widener University Libraries are classed according to the Library of Congress classification schedule.  You may perform a subject, author, or title search in the online library catalog ( to find materials in the Widener libraries.

You can also perform a keyword search.  A keyword search is a broader search and you will likely receive more hits than if you performed a subject specific search.

Need a book that you can't find in our library?  Check Worldcat to see if any other libraries in your area may have the book in its collection.

Finding a Book (Treatise) in the Library

Use the online catalog search box in the search screen to the left of this box to find books and journal titles in the library's collection (Refer to the tab "Finding Journal Articles" to find articles).  When you perform a search in the library's catalog you are performing a search of the library collections of the undergraduate and graduate library located on the Chester, PA campus as well as searching the law collections located on the Wilmington, DE and Harrisburg, PA campuses.  A search can be modified to search only the law library collection.  Any materials housed in the Harrisburg campus library will be indicated with the letter "H" in the location field of the record.  You can request that materials not located in the Harrisburg library be sent to you by clicking on the "Request" link located at the top of the search results screen.  Search by Title, Author, Subject, or Keyword to find materials.

If you are looking for an article, you need to consult an online index such as LegalTrac, Index to Legal Periodicals, or HeinOnline to find the article.  You can also search LEXIS or Westlaw for articles.

Topical Guide to U.S. Law Call Numbers

This is a quick alphabetical guide to selected subjects in United States law.  Following each subject are corresponding call numbers for locating material in the collection.  These are generic Library of Congress call numbers.  The Legal Information Center does not necessarily have items in every number. This is not a comprehensive list.  For more information on the topics listed here or on other topics, search the library catalog.  You may search the catalog using words, subject headings, call numbers, titles or authors. Only items which have H in the location box before the call number are located on this campus.   

  • ADA:  KF480
  • Admiralty: KF1096-1137
  • Administrative Law: KF5401-5425
  • Adoption: KF545
  • Antitrust: KF1624-1657
  • Agency and Partnership: KF1341-1381
  • Appellate Procedure: KF9050-9058
  • Arbitration: KF9085-9086
  • Banking: KF966-1033
  • Bankruptcy: KF1501-1548
  • Bar Associations: KF323-334
  • Brief Writing: KF251
  • Child abuse: KF9323
  • Civil Procedure: KF8810-9075
  • Civil Rights: KF4741-4788
  • Commercial Paper: KF956-962
  • Communications and Transportation: KF2161-2849
  • Computer Law: KF390.5.C6
  • Conflict of Laws: KF410-418
  • Constitutional Law: KF4501-5130
  • Consumer Law: KF1039-1040
  • Contracts: KF801-1241
  • Copyright: KF2986-3080
  • Corporations: KF1384-1480                               
  • Courts: KF8700-8807
  • Criminal Law: KF9201-9479
  • Criminal Procedure: KF9601-9763
  • Custody: KF547-550
  • Damages: KF445-446
  • Discovery: KF8900
  • Divorce: KF531-537
  • Education Law: KF4101-4257
  • Election Law: KF4885-4921
  • Employment Discrimination: KF3464-3470.5
  • Employment Law: KF2900-2940
  • Environmental Law: KF1298-1299;KF3775; KF3786-3794 (Water Pollution); KF3812 (Air Pollution); KF3945-3965 (Hazardous Substances)
  • Equity: KF398-400
  • Estate Planning: KF746-760
  • Evidence: KF8931-8969
  • Family Law: KF501-553
  • Health Law: KF3821-3838
  • Immigration Law: KF4800-4846
  • Insurance: KF1146-1238
  • Intellectual Property: KF2971-3193
  • International Law: JZ, KZ
  • Interrogatories: KF8900
  • Jury Instructions: KF8984
  • Juvenile Law: KF9771-9827
  • Labor Law: KF3301-3580
  • Landlord and Tenant: KF585-595
  • Law Office Management: KF318-322
  • Law Reviews: K1-30
  • Legal Aid: KF336; KF390.5.P6
  • Legal Dictionaries: KF156
  • Legal Education: KF261-292
  • Legal Ethics: KF305-310
  • Legal Research: KF240-247
  • Legal Writing: KF250
  • Medical Malpractice: KF1289; KF2905.3
  • Military Law: KF7201-7755
  • Negotiable Instruments: KF956-962
  • Negotiation and Arbitration: KF9084-9086
  • Partnerships: KF1365-1381
  • Patents and Trademarks: KF3096-3193
  • Personal Injuries: KF1256-1257
  • Pleading and Motions: KF8866-8896.5
  • Product Safety: KF3945-3965
  • Products Liability: KF1296-1297
  • Professional Responsibility: KF305-314
  • Property: KF560-720
  • Protection from Abuse: KF9320-9324
  • Public Assistance: KF3720-3745
  • Public Health: KF3775-3816
  • Public Utilities: KF2076-2140
  • Real Estate: KF566-698
  • Restatements of the Law: KF395
  • Sale of Goods: KF911-935
  • Secured Transactions: KF1046-1062
  • Securities: KF1066-1084; KF1431-1456 (Issuing of Securities) 
  • Sentencing: KF9685
  • Sex Discrimination: KF4758
  • Social Security: KF3641-3664
  • Tax (Federal): KF6271-6645
  • Torts: KF1246-1327
  • Trade Agreements: KF6651-6708
  • Trade Regulation: KF1601-1668
  • Trial Advocacy: KF8910-8986
  • Trusts: KF726-745
  • Unemployment Compensation: KF3671-3686
  • Unfair Competition: KF3195-3198
  • Uniform Commercial Code: KF871-890
  • Wills: KF753-780
  • Workers Compensation: KF3611-3634