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Tax Policy

This guide is intended to assist students who are enrolled in the Tax Policy seminar.

Compiled Legislative Histories

It is always useful to see if someone has already compiled the  legislative history on a piece of enacted legislation before beginning the process yourself.  The library owns a collection of legislative histories on the various tax codes.  If researching for the legislative history of a  particular piece of legislation you may wish to consult some of the resources below.

Law Review Articles on legislation will often contain footnotes or a bibliography referencing various pieces of tax legislation.  

HeinOnLine has reproduced a number of compiled legislative histories in their U. S. Federal Legislative History Library.

Standard Federal Tax Reporter (in print and through CCH Intelliconnect) or United StatesTax Reporter (in print and through Checkpoint) as well as the BNA Tax Management Portfolios will also have legislative history materials available.

ProQuest Congressional indexes legislative documents from 1789 to the present day.  Compiled legislative histories are available from 1969 to the present.  You may search in a variety of ways including public law number, bill or resolution, keyword or index term.

Thomas  Thomas contains legislative history documents for public laws from 1973 to the current year.