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Widener Law Commonwealth Online Study Aids

Access to hundreds of study aids through West Academic, LexisNexis Digital Library, and Aspen Learning Library platforms.

West Academic

All Widener Law Commonwealth students, faculty and staff have unlimited online access to 500+ West Academic Study Aids Subscription.  Study Aid Series in the online collection include: Acing, Black Letter Outlines, Concepts and Insights, Concise Hornbook Series, Exam Pro, Gilbert Law Summaries, Nutshells, Sum & Substance Audio, and more...

Accessing the Online Collection

(Accounts are tied to Widener Law Commonwealth students.)

  1. Go to the West Academic Study Aids Subscription website.
  2. Create an account using your Widener email address. 
  3. After your account is created, you can sign in to your account anytime, anywhere.

Offline Reading Tools

NEW! WEST ACADEMIC LIBRARY DESKTOP APP In addition to a mobile app, the desktop West Academic Library app is now available allowing students to download and read any of the titles available in the digital collection offline on their desktop, laptop, ipad or phone.

Study anywhere and on any device when you download the RedShelf app for reading and the West Academic Audio app for listening.

How to use the apps for offline studying.

Watch the West Academic Study Aids Collection- 2021 on YouTube for an overview.

Need more help?  Watch the West Academic Study Aids Collection Student Guide on YouTube.

Additional Access Instructions are below.