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Family Law

State and constitutional issues relating to the regulation of sexual and family relationships.

Adoption Law and Practice

KF545.A6 A3 1988

This premiere treatise by the most respected name in adoption law places local issues in broader context, provides information about interstate, state-federal, and international aspects of adoption, and is the acknowledged authority for dealing with the increased "constitutionalizing" of adoption law and practice. Turn to this nationally recognized work for insightful analysis of contemporary adoption issues.

Domestic Torts: Family Violence, Conflict, and Sexual Abuse

KF1269 .K37 2005

This title will help you represent any client faced with any type of domestic violence and abuse problem, even if no personal injury action is considered. It provides you with clear, concise discussions of the law of domestic torts in all 50 states, sources of recovery for damages sustained by the family member, and psychological theories of abuse to accurately evaluate the case. Reviews theories of liability, defenses, potentially liable third party defendants, and key insurance issues. Also discusses special issues, such as sexual abuse allegations during divorce proceedings and child victim witnesses.


  • Describes likely injury types, and remedies available for each
  • Helps develop communication skill to use with both victims and perpetrators
  • Helps you devise litigation approaches best suited to the circumstances of your client
  • Provides psychological profiles of perpetrators and victims for preparing your case

Assisted Reproductive Technology: A Lawyer's Guide to Emerging Law and Science

KF3830 .K56 2011

As more people turn to assisted reproduction, the legal issues surrounding it have become increasingly complex. Beyond representing patients or clinics, numerous legal problems are arising from the technology's application. Disputes about disposition of embryos and gametes in divorce are perhaps the most common, but assisted reproduction technology (ART) impacts many other areas of the law, including personal injury, insurance, criminal law, probate and estate planning, and government.

Domestic Violence Practice and Procedure

KF1269 .L44 2011

Whether you’re prosecuting or defending, this comprehensive volume will help you construct winning cases. It offers analysis of domestic violence case law and statutes, scientific and medical information, practical advice, and proven tips. Discussion covers the full sweep of domestic violence law, including criminal, civil, tort, divorce, child custody, immigration, civil rights, and equal protection.


  • Assists in determining appropriate tort actions for various situations
  • Compares prosecution and defense strategies
  • Covers such key topics as: identifying domestic violence fact patterns, obtaining evidence, and determining civil causes of action
  • Discusses the commonly-encountered range of clients, jurors, and attitudes
  • Examines a full spectrum of physical and psychological injuries
  • Explores the Violence Against Women Act, including interstate violations of protection orders
  • Offers help in gauging the value of expert testimony and the process of litigating cases
  • Provides detailed analysis of federal and state law

Legal rights of children

KF479 .L44 2005

With this multiple-volume set, you’ll gain an up-to-date understanding of children’s rights: the profound changes that have occurred and the implementation of laws, regulations, and procedures, both at the state and federal levels, that apply to children and families. Among the important issues explained: child custody, discrimination against children and adolescents, child pornography, school district issues, rights of handicapped children, parental torts, and children as witnesses.

Modern Child Custody Practice

KF505.5 .A98 2000

Cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in Troxel, scrutinizing grandparent visitation, and also by the supreme courts of 11 states, Modern Child Custody Practice is the manual that:

  • Treats the human dynamics as well as the legal aspects of child custody and support cases
  • Analyzes each step of the custody proceeding, from the first client interview through the appeals process
  • Describes how to most effectively use--or rebut--the testimony of mental health professionals
  • Explains when joint or split custody is a viable alternative
  • Thoroughly discusses visitation by the noncustodial parent, grandparents and stepparents
  • Provides guidance for handling an out-of-state move by the custodial parent
  • Sets forth the orientation and techniques used in mediation
  • Includes forms, checklists, case examples, detailed citations and appendices
  • Covers child custody jurisdiction, including a thorough analysis of the law, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and the Hague Convention

Family Law Statutes, Selected Uniform Laws Federal Statutes, State Statutes, and International Treaties

KF505 .F358 2011

This statutory supplement covers uniform, state, federal, and international family law statutes. It allows the user to quickly and easily locate primary law relating to children and the family. Conveniently sized for carrying in your briefcase, this reference is split into four parts: uniform laws, international conventions and implementing legislation, federal statutes, and state statutes.