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Environmental Law and Sustainability Center Research Resources

CALI Environmental Law Lessons

CALI lessons are interactive on-line tutorials written by law professors and librarians. To create a student CALI account, email librarian Brent Johnson at for the required CALI-code. CALI lessons on environmental law include the following topics:

  • Citizen Suits Under the Clean Water Act
  • Clean Air Act Stationary Sources and Criteria Pollutants
  • Clean Air Act Stationary Sources and Hazardous Air pollutants
  • Clean Water Act Jurisdiction
  • Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Podcast
  • Clean Water Act Permitting Basics
  • Climate Change 1: Introduction to Climate Change
  • Climate Change 3: An Introduction to and overview of Climate Change Adaptation
  • Climate Change 4: Addressing Climate Change Through the Common Law
  • Climate Change 5: Addressing Climate Change Through Existing Environmental Statutes
  • Climate Change Mitigation: The International Dimension
  • Commerce Clause Issues in Environmental Law
  • Constitutional Aspects of Environmental Law: Federal Preemption
  • Constitutional Standing in Environmental Citizen Suits
  • ESA Basics
  • FIFRA Basics
  • International Environmental Law: Implementing the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in the United States
  • Introduction to Administrative Law for Environmental & Natural Resources Law Students
  • NEPA Basics
  • RCRA Hazardous Wastes
  • RCRA Solid Wastes
  • Regulated Sources Under the Clean Air Act
  • Regulatory Taking Issues in Environmental Law
  • Statutory Interpretation
  • Superfund basics
  • TSCA Basics
  • Water Law Basics: Overview of Surface Water law in the United States
  • Water Law Basics: Prior Appropriation
  • Water Law Basics: Rights in Ground Water
  • Water Law Basics: Riparianism
  • Water Law: Equitable Apportionment
  • Water Law: Federal Reserved Rights
  • Water Law: Regulated Riparianism and the Florida Water Law System
  • Water Law: The California System
  • Water Law: The Public Trust Doctrine
  • Wetlands Basic