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Database Searching

A research guide explaining the fundamentals of searching Widener's various subscription databases.

What it is:

HeinOnline is a legal database that is primarily known for its Law Journal Library that has full-page scans from over 1,500 law-related periodicals.  Coverage is from the first volume of each periodical. 

Other collections include: retrospective coverage of the United States Code (1935 forward), the Code of Federal Regulations (1938 forward), and both Federal (volume 1 forward) and State session laws. A collection of federal legislative history and the full reprints from the English Reports are other examples of Hein's depth of coverage.

Searching HeinOnline

Search Law Journal Library

Search Law Journal Library

Advanced HeinOnline Searching

With the "search" tab in HeinOnline, you can either search across all libraries, or you can search within a specific library.  It is usually helpful to restrict your search to as narrow a rang of resources as possible, wether a specific journal title, or a narrow date range.  Simple key word searching is sometimes helpful, with phrases placed within quotations.  For more advanced searching, consult Hein's advanced search syntex guide.

Field searching of the HeinOnline database is also available by clicking on "Field Search" in the left pane of the screen.  A variety of specific fields, such as Title, Date or specific State or Country (of publication) can be used to better focus a search.  Narrowing a search to a subject is also available.  For detailed instructions, consult Hein's subject searching guide.

Retrieve by citation

If the citation for a law review article is known, navigate to that publication by using the "Title Lookup" box or alphabetically scrolling through the list of titles within a library. From the "Citation Navigatior" tab, enter the volume and page number in the Bluebook Citation box or paste a citation into the box below.

Printing from HeinOnline

One nice feature of HeinOnline having their articles in full-text PDF is that you can download an article and E-Mail it to yourself for later review on your computer.  Clicking on the printer icon in the top-right of the screen gives the option to print/download an entire article, or a "custom" range of pages.  Once the print/download button is clicked, the user can save the PDF document, or send it to a printer.