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Legal Resources on the Internet: General Legal Research Websites

There are many places on the internet where FREE legal information can be found. However, it is critical to know that the sites you visit are well-researched and adhere to high standards of quality. The sites included here are among the best.

General Legal Websites and Search Engines

AALL - How to Research a Legal Problem: A Guide for Non-Lawyers

A guide published by the American Association of Law Libraries detailing how to generally begin researching and answering legal questions. 


This is a list of legal blogs, podcasts, and rss feeds. The blog topics range from law students, legal history, law libraries, and so much more. 

Owned by West, Findlaw is one of the most used, free legal resources on the Internet. Its logical breakdown of information and resources makes it easy to navigate. Links point to resources in more than 30 practice areas plus case law, codes, legal associations, law reviews and much more.


Everybody uses Google, but did you know about Google Scholar? It searches academic journals, law reviews, patents, and court opinions. 

Guide to Law Online - Library of Congress 

Created by the Public Services Department at the Library of Congress, this site contains links to many federal and state legal resources- usually providing full-text access to primary materials.

Hieros Gamos

Although it can be a bit overwhelming with its huge number of links, Hieros Gamos is considered to be the best free site when it comes to foreign and international resources. You will find a Legal Employment Center of national job postings as well links to many legal associations. The Law and Practice center contain material relating to 70 different legal topics.

Legal Information Institute

First known for its coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court, this site offers an extensive collection of both federal and state legal materials. LII’s current awareness section has a sign-up for email notification of U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Click on liibulletin to subscribe. This comprehensive self-help website for non-lawyers offers free legal information, various do-it-yourself products, and the ability to find a lawyer in your area.

Public Library of Law

This website offers US Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals cases, cases from all states from 1997 onwards, federal statutory law and codes from all states, regulations, court rules, etc.

This is the official web portal of the United States government. This handy resource will supply you with information on a variety of important topics, from jobs and education, consumer protection, science and technology, and so much more.


An easy-to-use index with entry links for each state, the 11 Circuits and many countries. The subject index covers legal topics from Administrative Law to Women in Legal Education.


A legal wiki (including a free legal dictionary and encyclopedia) created by Cornell Law School. This site contains many articles on a variety of legal topics, such as federal law, constitution, US Code, CFR, and more.

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Research Guides

Widener Law Library has created research guides containing both print and electronic resources in a particular topical or practice area.

Zimmerman’s Research Guide

An online encyclopedia for legal researchers.