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Widener Law Commonwealth Printing Guide


The law school allows any currently enrolled student mobile printing capabilities from any email enabled device. This service is called 'MobilePrint' MobilePrint can be used from any device that runs a Web Browser (e.g. Smartphone, IPAD, Laptop, any mobile device.)

In order to begin sending printing jobs you must first have two things prepared:

  1. First be registered with the MobilePrint service, and
  2. Have a positive balance on any Widener Student-ID or Campus1 ID-Card

Register Your Email Address to Use with Mobile Print

Once registered, you can email print jobs to and retrieve hard-copy print-outs by "releasing" each print job at either the First Floor or Second Floor computer lab Print Station.

You can register up to 9 email addresses.

  1. Send an email to from the email address you wish to register with Mobile Print.
  2. You will receive an email response.  Click on the link to register your email address. 
  3. You may get a security warning.  Continue to the website.
  4. At the Pharos Secure Login screen, enter your Widener University user ID (prefix of your email) and Password (case sensitive) when prompted for a Username and Password.
  5. From your registered address, email what you want to print.
  6. In order to print any formatting, you must email your print job as an attachment.  If formatting is not required, you may write inline in the email you send.  You will receive a confirmation email.
  7. Follow the email's directions and go to any Print Station to print.  Reach a Print Station within 30 minutes of the confirmation email or it will be deleted from queue.  If print job deletes, simply re-email again to
  8. Log in to either the First Floor or Second Floor computer lab Print Station touch screen terminal.  Swipe your ID Card at the Print Station; the system auto-directs already registered ID Cards.  Scroll through the Job Queue and Release your print job(s).  Once finished at the Print Station make sure to Click the blue [EXIT] button.