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Copyright & Fair Use

This guide provides a general overview of copyright issues.

Keep in Mind

When showing a video in your online class, keep this in mind.

You can show short portions, not the entire video.

While an instructor could rely on the classroom use provision (Section 110(1)) to screen a DVD in person, it does not apply online. Online, the TEACH Act is available, but it does not apply to entire works, only portions of them. These kinds of uses could still be fair use, but there's another source of trouble from the DMCA, which creates additional liability for circumventing technical protection measures on a DVD. Right now, the relevant exemption under the DMCA permits creation of "short portions" of motion pictures for use in college and university teaching, but it doesn't cover entire works.

Maybe suggest AVON or for a video on the subject. Both of theses streaming services are available from Wolfgram library.

You may provide a link to the video [ie YouTube, Ted Talks, etc.] or suggest students access it themselves via Netflix, etc.