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Widener Law Commonwealth Printing Guide

Send Print Jobs from a Widener Lab Computer

Widener computers allow you to print to a laser printer in the Second Floor Computer Lab or to a laser printer or Xerox copier on the First Floor of the Library.

  1. Print your document.
    • The default printer is HB All Labs.
    • If desired, change the setting for single or double sided.
    • When you are ready to print, select File/Print or click on the printer icon.  A screen will pop-up asking for a username; enter in your Widener University user ID (prefix of your email) and password (case sensitive).
    • Click the print button located at the bottom right of the pop-up box.

print job details

  1. Proceed to a Print Station touch screen terminal. 
    • Reach a Print Station within 30 minutes of sending the print job to the queue.
    • Swipe your ID-Card at the Print Station; the system auto-redirects already registered ID-Cards; or enter your
    • Widener University user ID (prefix of your email) and password (case sensitive).
  2. Scroll through the Job Queue and Release your print job(s).
    • At the bottom left hand of the screen it will tell you how many pages and the total cost.  On the bottom right hand of the screen it will show the balance on the account.
    • Once finished at the Print Station make sure to Click the Exit button.