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Bar Exam Resources: Bar Exam Programs

Highlights important information and services for law students as they prepare to take the bar examination in Pennsylvania or elsewhere.

Bar Review Course Information

These courses are listed for your information only. Widener University School of Law does not officially endorse any commercial bar review course.


Harrisburg Bar Programs Information

Harrisburg Bar Programs

Fundamentals of Law
This two-credit bar readiness course is offered in the spring semester to graduating students. The course, taught by Widener faculty, introduces students to the process of bar preparation and is designed to supplement traditional bar review courses. This skills-development course provides graduating students with an intensive substantive review of selected legal material routinely tested on the bar exam, and uses problems and exercises in a bar exam format to familiarize students with techniques for answering multiple choice (MBE) questions and analyzing, organizing and writing essay and performance (PT) questions.

Fall Bar Readiness Program
A non-credit bar readiness program is offered for mid-year graduates via TWEN (The West Education Network).  The program is comprised of assignments designed to expose the graduating student to the bar review process, including reviewing substantive rules commonly tested on bar exams.  The site makes available, for self-paced learning, Multistate style quizzes, bar exam essay questions and a performance test to familiarize students with the various formats of bar questions.  The website also provides information on and links to numerous bar exams and bar preparation resources.

Contact Information for Bar Programs
Professor David Raeker-Jordan
Phone:  (717) 541-1996

Delaware Bar Programs Information

Delaware Bar Programs

Widener Partners with BarBri: We are pleased to announce that Widener has partnered with BARBRI to deliver the Delaware summer bar review course and we are confident that this partnership will serve to further strengthen our bar review course.

The Widener Delaware Bar Review Course is an independent commercial summer bar review course available to any applicant taking the Delaware bar examination. Using a uniquely designed three volume set of materials on Delaware state law as well as BarBri multi-state materials, the Widener Delaware Bar Review offers a comprehensive preparation course tailored specifically to the demands of applicants sitting for the Delaware bar examination.
Bar Preparation and Strategies (2 credits)
This course is designed to jumpstart students’ preparation for taking the bar exam. The course includes the following: an initial diagnostic test to evaluate students’ strengths and the areas needing improvement; substantive review of four bar-tested subjects, practice multiple choice and essay questions that will be reviewed in class. Test-taking strategies will also be addressed. In addition to the practice questions, there will be a graded midterm and final that students must pass to pass the course.This course is not intended to replace the full commercial bar preparation course taken in the summer before the bar exam. Rather, it is meant to expose students to both materials and strategies that will be emphasized in the commercial summer course in order to maximize a first time taker’s potential for success on the bar exam.
Contact Information for Bar Programs
Bar Programs Office/Office of Student Affairs
Phone: (302) 477-2276