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Commonwealth Law School Faculty and Adjunct Guide: Teaching Support and Training

This guide is specific to resources available on the Harrisburg campus.


Panopto allows you to record audio and video along with your powerpoint slides.  It can easily incorporate your SMART Board annotations, computer screen (while browsing web pages), the document camera, or a document.  When you complete a Panopto recording, you obtain a URL that you can then share with your students, colleagues, or the world. 

Some of the things that Panopto is being used for at the law school include:

  • Short how to video demonstrations
  • Short virtual tours
  • Creating video introductions by faculty to students in online courses
  • Recording bar review lectures
  • Recording answer / explanations for various problem scenarios and including them in an online self graded TWEN quiz
  • Recording answer / explanations for various problem sets discussed in class (for further review by students)
  • Recording small chunks of information about certain topics so that students can review the material prior to class, to enhance discussion

If you have any questions on how to use Panopto, please contact Brian Fearnbaugh.

Librarian Guest Lectures

The reference librarians can be called upon to make classroom presentations on bibliographic resources or to provide selected subject bibliographies. 

Each year the reference librarians team up with the professors for Legal Methods.  They conduct in-class training and provide additional research training time to coincide with the basic techniques of legal analysis, writing and research.

If you would like to have a reference librarian present in-class or provide training outside of class, please contact your Library Liaison.

Reference and Research Assistance


The reference librarians are available to assist wih research techniques, computer-assisted legal research, questions about the collection and interlibrary loan. 

Below is a suggested topic list of individual training provided by one of the reference librarians.  This is not an exhaustive list, but rather is intended to highlight some possible topics which may be helpful to you.  If you have a particular need not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

   Bloomberg Law Refresher

   Lexis Advance Refresher

   Westlaw Refresher

   TWEN course webpage creation

   BNA databases

   Finding legislative documents

   BePress / Selected Works / SSRN

   Smartboard training

   Other databases


The reference librarians are available to assist faculty with their research needs. Full-time faculty should feel free to contact their library liaison directly.  Reference librarians are also available to help adjunct faculty with course related research.  Adjunct faculty should feel free to contact the Information Desk to speak with a librarian.

Co-Director & Reference/Technical Services Librarian

Don't Forget

Library Research Guides or LibGuides

Research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources compiled by your friendly librarians. Know what we know - find it in LibGuides!

We can create online guides on any topic, subject, course, on any process, on any thing.  If you would like to see a specific topic or class covered in a LibGuide, please contact your Library Liaison.