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General Practice Materials: AmJur and Causes of Action

General Practice Materials

American Jurisprudence, 2d. This is a valuable secondary source/legal encyclopedia. Use it to enhance your understanding of various legal topics, and get a headstart on your legal research. Am Jur 2d- 2:US 17. (Paper format)

American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts, 3rd  or for paper format- (KF8933 .A42 3rd ) A multi-volume set containing articles which explain and illustrate how to prove particular facts that are essential to a cause of action or a defense. Articles are arranged by topic and can be researched using the index volumes. Each article may include general background, checklists, interrogatories, sample testimony and a bibliography. Updated annually by pocket parts.

American Jurisprudence Trials or for paper format-(KF8915.A74) An encyclopedic guide to techniques and tactics used in preparing and trying cases. The first six volumes provide an overview of general strategy. The Model Trials volumes cover individual topics and take you through all avenues of trial preparation including sample pleadings. Updated annually by pocket parts.

Causes of Action, 2nd Also available in paper format- (KF8863 .S53 1993) Articles lead the practitioner through the steps necessary to determine whether particular facts give rise to a cause of action. Each article provides a substantive law overview. Checklists are included and a sample case and sample complaint are appended to each article. Updated annually by pocket parts.

Corpus Juris Secundum  or for paper version visit 2:US 18. Use this legal encyclopedia as a secondary resource for your legal research. 

Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia Be sure to have your Lexis ID handy in order to access this electronic resource! Also availanle in print KFP65 .P4 1998