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1L Success - Resources for Succeeding in Law School: You Tube Videos on Taking Law Exams

You Tube Videos on Taking Law Exams

The following videos are available on You Tube.  Click on the link to view the video.

Most Common Law School Exam Mistake (6:55)

Thomas Jefferson School of Law Professor David Steinberg talks about the most common mistake law students make on exams.


Prof. Anne Coughlin on Exam Do's and Don'ts (10:02)

University of Virginia Law Professor Anne Coughlin provides tips to students on how to prepare for and take exams.

How To Do Your Best on Law School Exams Part One by Professor John Delaney (9:32)

Beginning law school students get vital advice on how to prepare for first year law exams from Professor John Delaney. He has thirty years of law school teaching experience, has given hundreds of exams and graded thousands, and writes and publishes widely used books for law school students.

How To Do Your Best on Law School Exams Part Two: Iconic Examples, by Professor John Delaney (8:29)

This second in Professor Delaney's series for first year law school students focuses on a method for learning each legal rule, in each subject, you study with iconic examples of the application of each rule. It is also one method for learning and practicing issue spotting, the first critical skill you need to get the "A"s on your law school esssay exams.