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Family Law: Introduction to Family Law

State and constitutional issues relating to the regulation of sexual and family relationships.

Family Law

Entering Into Marriage

Prenuptial Agreement
Common-law Marriage
Same-sex Marriage

Legal States Similar to Marriage

Cohabitation · Civil Union
Domestic Partnership
Registered Partnership
Putative Marriage

Dissolution of Marriage

Legal Separation

Issues Affecting Children

Paternity · Legitimacy · Adoption
Legal Guardian · Foster Care
Ward · Emancipation of Minors
Grandparent Visitation
Child Protective Services
(United States)
Parental Responsibility
Contact (including visitation)
Parenting Plan · Residence In UK
Custody · Child Support
Parenting Coordinator

Related Areas

Spousal Abuse  · Child Abuse
Child Abduction  · Child Marriage
Adultry  · Bigamy · Incest

Conflict of Laws

Marriage · Nullity · Divorce
International Child Abduction