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Examines and analyzes the general theories of tort liability for injuries to persons or property: intentional misconduct, negligence, and strict liability.

Dobb's Law of Torts

KF1250 .D62

A single-volume introduction to contemporary tort and injury law. This expert summary covers direct and intentional interference with person or property and explores their defenses. Reviews liabilities, damages, and the apportionment of responsibility among parties, and examines the criticism and choices in tort law. Economic and dignitary injury is considered as well.


  • Answer exam questions quickly and accurately
  • Enhances understanding of tort law
  • Timesaving reference guide on tort law

Prosser and Keeton's Torts

KF1250 .P7

Emphasizes contemporary developments in order to reflect the shift in tort law toward the plaintiff's side and expanded liability. Expanded coverage is included on subjects such as constitutional privilege in defamation, privacy, product liability, and strict liability. Also reflects the current shift toward compulsory auto insurance and compensation plans.


  • Emphasizes current trends in tort law
  • Expert summary of tort law
  • Footnote citations to leading court decisions
  • Table of cases
  • Timesaving reference guide
  • Westlaw references

American Law of Products Liability

KF1296 .H872

Access to the full scope of products liability law-substantive, procedural, statutory, and case law, plus practice commentary, forms, checklists, jury instructions, pattern discovery materials, and sample pleadings. Reviews negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability in tort, duty of manufacturer or seller to warn, fraud, misrepresentation, nuisance, or intentional wrong, privity of contract, liability of lessor and bailor, and defenses to liability. Examines legal principles on a product-by-product basis for products that has been the subject of a products liability case. Critical procedural issues covered include expert witnesses, joinder of causes and of parties, discovery, long-arm statutes, and limitations of actions.


  • Check critical procedural steps for limitations, discovery, evidence
  • Determine if key elements of a case are present
  • Find names of expert witnesses and attorneys involved in products liability cases classified by product
  • Get expert practice advice from trial attorneys who share their experience and insight in products liability litigation
  • Learn about prior litigation involving similar products or defects
  • Prove product to be defective, harmful, or injury-causing

American Law of Torts

KF1250 .S568

This reference text provides the reader with a useful tool for detailed and reliable research. By a leading contemporary authority on tort law, the text covers conflict of law; liability of multiple tortfeasor; defenses; immunities; procedure; damages; negligence, as well as willful and wanton misconduct; causation; and comparative negligence. Also discusses specific tort theories and practice; products and premises liability; business and commercial torts; defamation; invasion of privacy; unlawful prosecution; medical malpractice; and interference with civil rights.


  • Citations to recognized tort law analysis
  • Citations to state and federal cases
  • Extensive bibliographies
  • Over 100,000 landmark cases covered
  • Research references
  • Save time and effort clarifying issues and finding solutions

Harper, James and Gray on Torts

KF1250 .H37

Harper, James and Gray on Torts, Third Edition, newly revised and updated in a six-volume set, gives you detailed, up-to-date information and expert guidance on such rapidly changing areas as:

  • Health care liability
  • Standards for damages
  • Product liability
  • Defamation
  • Assumption of risk
  • Business torts
  • Liability for emotional distress
  • Pure economic loss
  • Privacy
  • Family torts
  • Comparative and contributory negligence
  • Governmental liability
  • Duties of owners and occupiers of land
  • Misrepresentation and nondisclosure
  • Malicious prosecution and abuse of process
  • Liability for abnormally dangerous activities
  • Wrongful death