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Pennsylvania Legal Resources: Pennsylvania Laws & Statutes

Comprehensive list of Pennsylvania related legal resources available on the web.

PA Constitution

Pennsylvania Constitution Web Page (Duquesne University School of Law)
News, history and resources related to the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Pennsylvania Constitution, 1776 (Avalon Project)

Pennsylvania Constitution, 1968 (PA General Assembly)

PA Proposed Laws

Pennsylvania Bills (since 1969)
Pennsylvania General Assembly

PA Laws

From the Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau:

PA Pamphlet Laws (since 1802)

Smith's Laws (volumes 1-3)

PA Statutes at Large (volumes 1-18)


From the Pennsylvania General Assembly:

PA Legislation (since 1975)

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes (unofficial version by West)

Consolidated Statutes of Pennsylvania

Unconsolidated Statutes of Pennsylvania

Class Presentation:

Content on PA statutes on slides 14-16.

PPLR from smgiusti

PA Legislature

PA General Assembly
Home page of the Pennsylvania General Assembly